How to: 3D Printing

Hello everyone! So this guide was actually an email I sent out to one of my campers who was interested in purchasing a 3D printer and wanted a few tips. I’m taking out… Continue reading

Park Study

Memorizing the common Maclaurin series in the park. My dog has other plans.

The Middle School

Waiting on my sister to be dismissed. This can take hours. Clearly, I’ve got nothing better to do with my life than take pictures of my beautiful imported Converse…

Columbia Journalism Convention

My friends and I head into Columbia’s picturesque “Library” only to find out it’s just a big overrated museum with a lot of hallways leading nowhere. The actual library is on the other… Continue reading


Here is a list of questions I’d like the answer to someday. Does the universe have a border? If it does, what’s on the other side? Why are “heat waves” visible? Is that… Continue reading

Goodbye, winter.

My 2015-2016 winter in photos.  

Snow Day = Movie Time!

Unfortunately the East Coast Snowmageddon (Storm Jonas) didn’t lead to any lovely, relaxing snow days, just one measly 90-minute delay. Regardless, I spent most of it shoveling snow. Had it been a snow… Continue reading

How to: College Interview

Yesterday, I could officially say I’d completed 99% of the college admissions process. It was my very last interview…. …with Harvard. So I was a little intimidated, but honestly I’d already gotten into… Continue reading

On Driving

Christmas Eve of 2015 was actually pretty boring for me. My family doesn’t celebrate, and we spent most of our day-off hanging out and catching up on work (though my brother was insistent… Continue reading

My English teacher on Grief

Sometimes you’ve just got to marinate in the crap.   Oh yeah, she said that. We’re reading Hamlet in case you’re confused. Lots of grief there.