My Holiday Wishlist


Because nobody else wants to know…

1  – RAMPS 1.4 Kit from Maker Farm: $130

My 3D printer has gone caput. Need to rebuild all of the electronics. Yay…


2  – Diba Office Dixie Chelsea Bootie: $59

Oh yea. Want a pair of comfy boots to walk around in for college. It’s around that time after all.


3  – Fossil Emerson Medium Satchel: $198

Hot bag! I refuse to call it a “pocketbook.” My mom says I’m beginning to embrace my inner girl. But I’m not – because this is a satchel. It’s like being an upgraded paper boy.


4  – A Cloak. Or cape.

I think I’m leaning more towards cloak. They have hoods. They’re like blankets.


5  – Bean Bag

I think I’m going to make this myself, because the going rate for a decent sized beanbag is around $50. I’d rather just buy the filling and learn to sew so I can stitch it together myself.


6  – Olive pants

I like olive. I have olive shirts, olive sneakers, olive bags, but no olive pants.


7  – To get into college.

Well I’ve just gotten my acceptance letter to Pitt! Yay! So I’m going somewhere. Let’s just hope the other places on my list feel the same about me.