Here is a list of questions I’d like the answer to someday.

  1. Does the universe have a border?
  2. If it does, what’s on the other side?
  3. Why are “heat waves” visible? Is that even what they’re called?
  4. Why does Steve Jobs like turtlenecks?
  5. Why do people like Steve jobs?
  6. Why aren’t I a millionaire?
  7. Why are blank Moleskine’s so pretty?
  8. Why do we like the Mona Lisa? Let’s face it, she’s actually not that pretty.
  9. If God exists, are there other gods? And if there are, is our God popular, or is he an outcast?
  10. What would life be like if white people were the slaves once upon a time…?
  11. Or if Russia made it to the moon before the U.S.?
  12. Or if Africa was one big country?
  13. Android or iPhone?
  14. Mac or PC?
  15. Surface Pro or iPad?
  16. Why do I exist?
  17. Who came up with the idea of a blag?
  18. Why is getting into college so difficult in the U.S? I hear in Germany it’s way easier, and cheaper too.
  19. Why do standards exist?
  20. Which idiot thought it would be funny to take the backspace off of Mac keyboards?
  21. How come I can’t CTRL-ALT-DELETE you?
  22. Why is everything moving backwards at the end of Weird Al’s Amish Paradise music video? (Edit: I get it now 🙂
  23. Why can’t wordpress let me add plugins?
  24. Why is Nutella so good? (Ever had Nutella muffins? Try them. NOW)
  25. Can I time travel?
  26. Can a TARDIS exist?
  27. Does the Doctor exist?
  28. Why does Game of Thrones exist?
  29. Why can’t the world agree on a name for it’s most popular sport? Football or soccer?!
  30. What is good music?
  31. In 300 years, will humans all look the same?
  32. What will be our ultimate demise? Meteor or lack of resources?
  33. How will I die?
  34. Will I die…? (spooky, I’d like to choose when to die, that’d be cool)
  35. What happens when the universe stops expanding?


(maybe) I’ll update this as I think of more important questions to ponder on for the rest of my life…