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How to: College Interview

Yesterday, I could officially say I’d completed 99% of the college admissions process. It was my very last interview…. …with Harvard. So I was a little intimidated, but honestly I’d already gotten into… Continue reading

How to: Tackle the College Essay

Writing a college essay is not easy. Some schools will give you 3 or 4 essays and others will restrict you to anything from 100 words to 50 characters. Yeah, like letters and… Continue reading

How to: 3D Printing

Hello everyone! So this guide was actually an email I sent out to one of my campers who was interested in purchasing a 3D printer and wanted a few tips. I’m taking out… Continue reading


Right. So my new obsession is GeekTool, because it’s fun and I can customize my desktop with it. If anyone has ever used Rainmeter before, it’s basically the Mac version. (WARNING: THESE TOOLS… Continue reading