High School Journalism

Unless you live in the midwest, high school newspapers generally aren’t that well-respected. It’s not because they don’t have good content, or because nobody is interested in running it, it’s just because for… Continue reading

Why Tea is better than Coffee

Because coffee reminds me of Portland. Portland reminds me of Portlandia. Portlandia reminds me of that horrible day in English when we were told to discuss journaling…. Coffee is bitter. Bitter is uncool.… Continue reading


My home for the next four years! MIT students: So I get why you write Institute with a ‘v’ but can someone tell me how you pronounce that?

My grandmother’s solution to stress

Go shopping!   😀

Oh the horror…

How to: Tackle the College Essay

Writing a college essay is not easy. Some schools will give you 3 or 4 essays and others will restrict you to anything from 100 words to 50 characters. Yeah, like letters and… Continue reading

Programs for High Schoolers

MIT Splash 2008 – learningu.org High school has a structure. You come in, you learn about physics and math and history, then you go home, come back, repeat. It might be new and… Continue reading

My Holiday Wishlist

  Because nobody else wants to know… 1  – RAMPS 1.4 Kit from Maker Farm: $130 My 3D printer has gone caput. Need to rebuild all of the electronics. Yay…   2  –… Continue reading

Books to Read for Break

Reading is one of my favorite pastimes, but I don’t get to read that often anymore, and it’s mostly because I just can’t find the time to go searching around for an interesting… Continue reading

The Matrix